Manage your selling
with a single platform.

A single e-commerce platform to sell and market your products online.

  • Placing orders & Delivery

    Place your order quickly and conveniently and get the delivery accordingly.

  • Flexible mode of payment.

    Flexible payment options with all payment methods (UPI ,Debit/Card , Netbanking).

  • Technical support

    Inbuilt features, and technical support from zelloz team to enhance your business prospects.

  • Centralized Dashboard

    It helps to run your business anywhere, anytime.

Total Sales


10 total orders
Zelloz #1009 10,569
Zelloz #1005 569
Zelloz #1045 9586
Zelloz #1035 12569
shipping orders
Zelloz Shoes 10,569 X 1
Zelloz T-shirt 569 X 1

Easy Orders

Easy way of placing orders, shipment, and managing inventory smoothly and conveniently anywhere anytime.

  • Multiple order management

    Facility to manage multiple orders with a single click.

  • Secured customer info

    Data and information regarding the customers as they provide while placing orders are safe and secured.

  • Unified Inventory

    Centralized stocks and inventory enable you to sell your products effectively and accurately.

Easy Payment

Facility to accept all types of payment modes securely on your e-commerce store.

  • Multiple payment options

    We Accept Debit, Credit cards, UPI and Net banking.

  • Payment gateways

    Zelloz is collaborated and integrated with our own Empay - Payment Gateway.


Quick Growth

Stay ahead in the market with inbuilt tools and features.

  • Precise Monitoring

    Monitor on-time and recent activities, get a clearcut understanding of your visitors, and evaluate business performance.

  • Detailed Reports

    Get detailed reports on your sales, customers, business, and marketing.

  • Support at your disposal

    Get our certified experts to help you in case a situation arises.

Flexible workspace

Sell your products anywhere, anytime with a single dashboard at your disposal on your desktop or smartphone.

  • Zelloz’s mobile app

    Rely on Zelloz mobile app to handle your business from your smartphone.

  • Accessible accounts

    Utilize the facility of custom permissions to provide selected employees access to tools and data.


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