October, 18, 2022

What is Buy Online, Pick-Up In Store(BOPIS)?

Briefly put, BOPIS in retail enables customers to make online purchases through a website or mobile app and then take advantage of same-day in-store pickup from either their vehicle outside the store or from within at a designated merchandise pickup counter.

Retailers all over the world adopt the BOPIS model to meet the needs and expectations of their customers. If you're thinking about using BOPIS in your company, it's helpful to understand what it is, how it works, and how it may make shopping easier and more convenient. The following article has more information.

What is BOPIS?

The acronym BOPIS means "buy-online-pick-up-in-store." By letting customers easily choose which things they want to buy right away and which are worth it, BOPIS is the key to giving convenience. Customers always want to be able to finish their transactions or process returns in a timely manner. The solution lies in BOPIS. They can shop from the convenience of their homes, and when their order is prepared, they can head to the store or the pickup place. It turns into a well-liked retail approach that gives customers the choice of online shopping and in-person pickup, giving them the best of both worlds.


How does it work?

In order to adopt BOPIS, you must combine the seamless speed of online buying with the individualized service of traditional retail. Retailers of all sizes can offer BOPIS to their customers. Customers can browse the company's eCommerce website, examine real-time store inventory, add preferred products to their shopping carts, complete online transaction, and pick the items up in the actual store.

Customers do not have to wait for deliveries or pay delivery fees while using BOPIS. On the other hand, retailers still have the opportunity to upsell their products while avoiding the hassle of order fulfillment.

Why do eCommerce websites adopt BOPIS model?


BOPIS boosts sales and activity. The desire of customers to order online and pick up in-store has led to an increase in sales for eCommerce companies using BOPIS. When picking up their orders in-store, customers are more likely to purchase extra items, which is the primary factor resulting in higher sales. Deliver a perfect, customer-centered BOPIS experience, and see how quickly your business grows. It is as simple as getting customers inside your store. They'll undoubtedly carry on shopping once they get there. BOPIS fosters a wonderful client experience, increasing your revenue.

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Some important Things about BOPIS

  • Integrate your online and offline store

A brilliant way to give your customers a smooth shopping experience between your online and offline businesses is to use the "buy online, pick up in store" method. It connects eCommerce and retail and assists in determining both target markets.


  • Incremental store traffic

Due to the fact that the customer must pick up the item in-store, the BOPIS order inevitably increases shop traffic. As a result, the potential for generating supplemental sales is therefore created.


  • Reduce last-minute delivery Hassles

Delivering your goods to customers' doorsteps is no longer necessary. Both the cost of shipping and the infrastructure needed to distribute these goods can be saved.


  • Better inventory management

Retailers must have enhanced inventory management strategies in order to undertake BOPIS. With better inventory control, you can view crucial inventory performance metrics more clearly. This enables you to reduce costs and increase profitability.

Wrapping Up

Therefore, if you own a physical store with an online presence but aren't using BOPIS, you might want to start investigating its advantages and how it could help your company.

Contact the professionals at Zelloz eCommerce if you believe your company lacks the resources to adopt a feature like BOPIS or that your eCommerce business operations are not in line.

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