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November, 29, 2022

COD for retialers

Cash on delivery transactions is boosting internet commerce. From day to day online shopping is clearly on the rise, and many people prefer to just order without leaving their homes rather than going to the store to make a purchase. This includes anything from daily groceries to basic essentials.

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October, 21, 2022

Inventory Management in 2022

What is the driving force behind any expanding product-based e-commerce business? It's not your social media strategy or internet presence; it's your inventory management system.

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October, 18, 2022

What is Buy Online, Pick-Up In Store(BOPIS)?

Briefly put, BOPIS in retail enables customers to make online purchases through a website or mobile app and then take advantage of same-day in-store pickup from either their vehicle outside the store or from within at a designated merchandise pickup counter.

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August, 16, 2021

A Complete Guide to Digital Transformation:

In a world that is becoming increasingly digital, starting an online business or moving your business online seems like a sensible thing to do. Owing to the current pandemic.

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August, 09, 2021

How To Choose the Right Ecommerce Platform For Your Business?

A vast majority of new online stores tend to choose e-commerce platforms like Big Commerce or Shopify today.

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August, 02, 2021

Start Selling Online With Zelloz

Zelloz is one of the best eCommerce platforms in India that opens you to the finest digital avenue to sell your products by setting up an online store. In the wake of digital transformation being witnessed across the field.

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